Pete Rawlings B.A., M.Sc., MNCS (Snr Accred)

Senior Psychological Therapist (NHS), Senior Accredited Counsellor, Accredited Supervisor, Coach, & Trainer/Facilitator

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Procounsel Associates Ltd., The Old Stables, Market Street, Highbridge, TA9 3BP, UK.

Team & Large Group Facilitation

Team & Organisational Development

Some of my work involves working with teams or larger groups that are seeking creative ways forward.

In-house teams might be project teams or senior management teams that need expert facilitation to keep their communication processes clear and their goals in focus. Through my facilitation teams can become more effective by:

    ・developing a vision of growth;

    ・building a management strategy;

    ・enhancing individual and collective strengths;

    ・clarifying individual work roles and objectives;

    ・generating a positive - appreciative - culture.

I also facilitate meetings of larger groups with a common interest - these may be corporate groups or those across organisations. I can design and facilitate such meetings in order to generate a more optimistic and appreciative culture, so harnessing the knowledge, skills and qualities of everyone to reach the goal or objective.

Facilitation requires a solid briefing and rigorous design process. Do contact me to discuss your special requirements.

“Pete and his team facilitated a business development workshop that brought together disparate providers to work in unison on a common project. The day was carefully delivered with thoughtful content, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive about how the day helped with future planning and inter-agency co-operation.”

    Richard Elliott, Health & Social Care Commissioner (B&NES), 2008.

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