Pete Rawlings B.A., M.Sc., MNCS (Snr Accred)

Senior Psychological Therapist (NHS), Senior Accredited Counsellor, Accredited Supervisor, Coach, & Trainer/Facilitator

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Family firms are the bedrock of business life. Over two-thirds of all businesses are family-owned businesses. The commercial life of the UK revolves around the activities of family businesses as much as the larger corporations.

Operating a family business brings real - and personally felt - challenges. Here are some questions:

Are family feelings impacting on the business?

Are family relationships strained by business demands or relationships?

Are you worried about succession or retirement?

It may be that for most family firms all they need to resolve such questions is access to sound accounting and legal advice. However, sometimes the personal and family (and emotionally driven) factors come into play, and may even confuse or obscure the situation being faced. As a Counsellor I recognise the powerful emotional realities that family members of such businesses can face - indeed, matters can get very heated! Powerful personal and emotional forces impact on all family members involved and this may be, at times, quite distressing. It is at this point (actually, preferably before this point!) that a skilled outsider with keen counselling skills can facilitate a process to get things moving in a positive direction. It is at this point that I can help sort out family strife and any emotional difficulties facing family firms as they rise to the challenges of being financially secure and successful.

I work alongside accountants and lawyers to develop an integrated approach to help you to run a family business in ways that meet the demands of the business as well as meeting the needs of family members.

I aim to help business families to prosper across generations.

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