Pete Rawlings B.A., M.Sc., MNCS (Snr Accred)

Senior Psychological Therapist (NHS), Senior Accredited Counsellor, Accredited Supervisor, Coach, & Trainer/Facilitator

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Occasionally people are in conflict with each other. Situations arise in business where people have reached an impasse, a serious disagreement or difference in their working relationships - a disagreement that is having, or may cause, a serious negative effect on the business. This might be two people or a team of people. It might be directors, or managers, or technical people. It is important to recognise that this is a crisis point that may cost the company in terms of loss of customers and loss of income, or in terms of reputation in the marketplace. My work is to discover how to get through or over this impasse, and find a positive way forward. 

Usually people can sort out their problems with each other - or one person has more authority and simply tells the other what needs to be done. But sometimes a stalemate is reached and this can become heated or unmanageable and could seriously affect working relations between staff or between staff and customers. If a situation gets to this point it can be very costly, and you realise there is a crisis.

How do I work with a situation of this kind? First, the overall objective is to reach a common agreement or a shared understanding. My aim is to find common ground, for only when this has been achieved can we move forward in a positive direction. To get to this point I work with each person - whether this is two or more the same process always applies - to gain an understanding of each perspective and to discover the emotional and logical power behind each person’s view.

This first step is crucial: I need to understand each viewpoint well in order to hold a neutral ground if I am to conduct the mediation successfully, and I work really hard to achieve this. From this point I orchestrate a plan which involves a meeting, or series of meetings, with all parties. I manage the process entirely and facilitate clear communication between everyone - which may include coaching people to really listen to the other viewpoint whilst being able to assert one’s own view. Understanding (and agreement) is usually achieved when everyone really understands the whole picture, not just their partial view, and when everyone can see that it is in their own best interests to work for the common good.

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