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Men’s Therapy

Seeking a New Understanding

The future is going to be challenging for us all. Optimism is low, hope for our future questionable. A new paradigm in how we live may need to emerge and with this a new way of being men. We are men in relationship - with other men, with women and with our children. Some of us have burgeoning responsibilities: trying to get it right in our ability to survive and to thrive, often helping others who are dependent on us. And as men we are fallible. We get stuff wrong, we trip up, we self-sabotage as we can barely believe that we are truly up to the challenge of being men, being the kind of men we so wish to be and so much need to be.

In 1983 I ran a series of mens therapy groups in Lancaster. I called them “Being Men: Seeking a New Understanding”. It was the beginning of men becoming more aware, more conscious, and more deliberate in the actions they took, in opening their hearts to their own struggles to be different, to become warm, loving, and actively engaged men.

I think that now is the time to again focus on who we are as men, and how we wish to be. Men have grown and changed, have evolved and are still evolving, and if you are a man who wishes to explore what is important to you, what specific emotional, physical, psycho-spiritual, ecological or material challenges confront you, and you would like to do this with me as a therapist with over 30 years experience and with a small group of other men (maximum of 8 per group), then contact me for details of the mens therapy group in your area.

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